Morning After

This is what my life looks like.

This photograph is actually from a week ago, but it pretty much looks the same way today except for the flowers given to me by friends last night, now sitting on my desk and coffee table. I haven’t been able to write this morning. My excitement about the reading at Corner Books has made it hard to concentrate. It was such a wonderful night, one I will remember. But it exhausted me too. I was nervous about the reading (although I shouldn’t have been) and the nerves tired me out.

The bookstore was packed. Paul and Leslie and other friends couldn’t get in; it was so crowded with family and friends from all parts of my life: Music and writing friends, friends from the neighborhood, Patricia Davis from childhood, Meryl and Terry from the East End, a few friends who were actually there in 1982. Scott told my mother, “You know, I was the one who introduced them.” Which is not the way I remember it, but memory is funny. So who knows? Maybe he did.

Chloe was seated to my left, and I stole glances at her. I knew she was looking at me and thinking: “I’m going to do that! Maybe I could do it now.” She is already a good writer at twelve. I love getting to share this experience with her, helping her to know that her dream is possible.

Leon Ichaso came, and Elisabeth R. with Sheila. My editor, Kate with her new husband. My agent, Lisa from ICM, who brought Dan. Jeremy looked adorable as always (the young women were looking at each other like, “Whose that guy?”) My friend, Turney Duff, whose book comes out next week (The Buy Side) was there. We’ve gone through the whole process together, emailing and texting each other to compare notes over the last year, or more.

I read two chapters from The Original 1982, one very dramatic, and the other more subtle, shorter, and a good follow up. Kate helped me with the selection and it felt just right.

After, there was a late dinner at a nearby restaurant with friends who stuck around.

A truly wonderful night, still I was glad to come home, walk Doe, and fall into bed. This morning: there was coffee and a maple tree view. Quiet, the way I like it.

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