Art and Winter

Yesterday, it felt like spring. Today the wind is blowing so hard, it’s preventing the busy steam radiators from doing much good. It’s been a harsh winter. No snow this week, but next week, I believe another storm is predicted. Still, I’m enjoying this winter. Spending time with old and new friends. Going to art openings, restaurants, movies, and the park. Last night walking with Laura in far West Chelsea, it was still balmy. Fun to walk the cobblestone streets, and duck into galleries, where conversations were interesting – about life and art. Sometimes, it feels like I’m twenty three again, minus the anxiety and insecurity. Laura and I grabbed dinner at the Standard Hotel and then went to a private club where Knox was performing improvisational noise guitar pieces to his own self-made¬† films. The room was cozy and dark, people on couches and comfy chairs, many of whom I knew. These days, I remember to look around me, and appreciate how wonderful it is. To be comfortable in my own skin. To be back in New York, and enjoying friends. It was almost midnight when I left. The street was full of people and I couldn’t get a taxi, but hopped on the subway and was on home in no time, where Doe greeted me, tail wagging, ready for her last walk of the day.

This morning, I woke up and took Doe out, fed the cats, drank coffee. I planned to run over to see some portion of the “The Clock” today (we tried to see it last night, but the line was so long, we gave up). The cold wind intimidated me though. I’m sure the line at the Paula Cooper Gallery is very long today, since it’s the last day. So, instead I came back inside, and worked a little on my book, now nearing 160 pages. I re-read back fifty pages or so, and reworked a couple of things, although I didn’t go forward even one sentence.

Now, I sit here wearing my coat indoors. I think I’ll take a hot shower and do a little cleaning. Leon is in town and my mother is coming to spend the night.¬† Tomorrow we’ll see the Edward Hopper show at the Whitney.

p.s. This week: master the new record with Michael Fossenkemper. I think it’s going to be called “Another Year.”

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