Up at six again this morning. Opened my eyes, still in an anxiety dream I couldn’t quite remember, exhausted already.

Paul and I are working on a couple of jobs for DW. Wednesday, got a panicked email from him. He’s under pressure, and transfers it to me, but working too fast is not best for thinking, or music. We need to come up with a better system. I take a shot in the dark, re-do, try again. Or maybe, it’s just the way it has to be done. Anyway, I’m happy to be working. I’m scoring movies. This is just what I hoped for. I have nothing to complain about.

Paul has moved to Red Hook, so the day begins with a forty-five minute subway ride. It’s pretty cool once you get out there. He and Leslie have rented a loft. It’s a much more comfortable working environment than his old place. Spacious and homey. Love has changed everything about his life. Across the street, there’s a green park. We take a break to walk the dogs. Doe and Clyde, Leslie’s dog, are fast friends. Even in the high heat, they love to walk, chase squirrels, and lie in the grass.

I finished my book, “The Original 1982,” and miraculously, found the perfect person to represent me. Now, it’s being sent to publishers. So, fast! I think I’m holding my breath, waiting to know. She says it will happen quickly. Within a couple of months,  yes or no, and why. I’m very excited to have written it, to have finished it. I miss the dailiness of writing it.  I want to start a new one, but if I started now, I’d still be in the world of the same book.

Thinking about renting a place on the North Fork for the month of August. Would be nice, especially for the cats, to have a break from the city. (Sometimes, I feel they are captives in this small apartment. Of course, it’s safer indoors, and they’re older now.) I’d like to ride my bike on Oregon Road, see old friends, have breakfast on Love Lane. Thanks to DW, I can probably afford it this year.

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