Fall is Here

It feels like I haven’t written in ages. I’ve been working on my book. If I described how it consumes me, it wouldn’t sound believable.  On recommendation from my thoughtful and kind agent, I’m taking a week away from it. Will not even look at it. I’ve been immersed in it for so long that I wake up thinking of certain sentences. I know all the problem spots. Someone said a story is not finished until you’ve taken out all the commas and put them back in the same place.

At the same time, I’m taking steps to release the record I finished last spring. It will be called Another Year. I’ve been speaking with Steve Saporta, who I’ve known for a very long time. He has a company called Invasion Group. They’re going to help with the release. It’s a whole new world now. I met with his people this week, and it was all explained to me. Anyway, I must get the artwork together this month. That’s what I’ve promised to do. The record and the book are cross referenced. Not just because the themes are similar. Also, in the book I use lyrics from some of the songs (along with other, older songs).

I’m all work and no play. But that’s what I like. Last night I ran into a woman I haven’t seen in years. We went for a coffee, and I realized she had lost it. People crack at this age. The bottom begins to move out from under you. It’s the natural course of things. If you have nothing to tether you to the world, you’re in trouble. People are tethered by their families, I think. Work is what tethers me. As an aging human being, I must face my changing place in the world, but in the world of my work, there is no age, no finish, no getting there. I can mature in a beautiful way. One of the songs on Another Year is called Get There.. just thought of that. It’s a pretty one, I think.

Doe is sick for the first time in a year. I hope it’s just something she ate. We were up all night, but now she sleeps soundly beside me.

Okay, time for breakfast, and then cleaning out the closet, swapping summer things for sweaters. Though it’s warm today, fall is here.

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