Well, it’s happened. My book will be published in the summer of 2013, which seems a very long time from now. But until then, I can dream about how it will change my life. Maybe I’ll meet a really sexy, smart man on a book tour and we’ll get married and move to Costa Rica so we can volunteer every day at an orphanage full of smiling children.

After it comes out, I’ll be reminded that these things don’t change your life. That this is my life and will continue to be, with mostly modest adjustments, and a few surprises.

Doe curled up at my feet. A cat on a chair, another two in hiding. Rain falling outside. A rooftop view. The sound of my upstairs neighbor pushing her vacuum cleaner. Walks in the park. Writer’s meeting on Wednesday nights. Lunch with Paul. Daily calls from Marissa. A visit with my mother on the weekend. Time spent with my niece and nephews. Playing the piano and guitar. Songwriting exercises with Gregory. Movies with Laura. Long phone calls with Kim. Writing, writing.. Not so bad, all in all.

And my new record will be released in March, full of many of the songs I’ve written over the past five years, or so. The release is important. Though exposing it to the world is usually disappointing. It’s like prayer, in a way, to send songs, stories, creative work of whatever sort, out into the world. Goodbye. Go. You’re on your own. Who needs all the clutter? Go make your magic elsewhere.

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