Palominos Again

I have a rehearsal with Anton and Lianne Smith today, our first. We’ll play two shows in December as the Golden Palominos, one at Le Poisson Rouge on the 29th, and the other at a club in Detroit. I think Tony Scherr will be playing with us, and Bob Kidney will do his own set.. I’ve had my guitar out this week, trying to remember how to play my songs. Anton wants to do all of Where it Goes, but I hope to talk him out of that. Not that I’ve ever had much luck talking him out of things, but we have mellowed. We’re like two kitty-cats, purring. He’s always given me a musical hand up when I need one. It’s exciting although I’m terribly out of practice and nervous with good reason.

Lots going on now. I’m staying on Long Island while I buy a new apartment. I had to sell the old one, too noisy for writing songs or peaceful living. For a long time now I don’t seem to belong anywhere, but it feels okay today. I’m working, a DW job and rehearsing with Anton. Also, it’s cool out and bright the way it is in fall. These early fall days are the bomb as my old friend Russ Irwin used to say, pre-RHONY days. (He’s funny on that show, so serious and handsome. Where is the goof-ball I know and love?)

Wrote my acknowledgements for The Original 1982 this week. It was fun to thank everyone and think of all the stages the book has gone through. I worked on it almost every day for two years and three months. Now it’s finished and will come out next summer.

Wild the way it keeps going, life. Over and over, I’ve thought I was at the end, only to find another beginning.

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