The Power of Intention

Thinking a lot about the new website we’re making to present my film music work. I’ve been looking at scenes from Blue Car, Crazy/beautiful, and Broken Vessels. Listening to new songs. Thinking about how to present new songs on the site for potential licenses. KG made this beautiful site for a director in LA, and we’re using that as our starting place. The little films come right up. You don’t have to wait for them to load. We’re going to put some film clips up, all the recent work and some from the movies. I want to include the EV1 spots too, although they were for radio, so there is no visual.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Hasbro film today. John Papa said he’d send me a compressed copy. I’ve seen just a snippet of it, and it’s great. A montage of African children’s photos, animated with what look like children’s crayon drawings. Hasbro licensed “Beautiful World” for the film, which will bring awareness to a village in Africa where orphans with AIDS are being cared for. I wrote and recorded a special version for them because some of the lyric in the original didn’t quite work for the project. So, there are three songs called “Beautiful World,” technically. All worked on back to back these last two months. A little confusing.

I started both songs the same day, from a concept DW gave me, for his “Caring World” project (for Johnson & Johnson). They are two completely different songs and I liked them both. I felt one wasn’t right for the Johnson & Johnson project, but it was the more compelling song for me at first. So, I finished that one. Even as I was writing it, I thought of my friend, John Papa, at Hasbro. He had approached me about doing some children’s music and there was something in the song that felt innocent and pure to me.

Then I went back and finished the other one, arranged it, recorded piano, strings, guitars and percussion. Tried a couple of other singers on it, one Chinese, the other Algerian (chasing an idea that it would be cool to have the song sung in accented english), then stripped it back down to mostly just piano, vocal, and strings. Cut it up to flow with the beautiful B&W film made for the project.

I didn’t get the Johnson & Johnson job, but we’ll put my also-ran on the new site. I’m very proud of it. I want to do more stuff like it. I love putting music to picture. I’d love to do a movie sometime, but commercials are very cool because they’re short, yet they take you through a whole story.

I feel like I could write more songs called “Beautiful World,” too. One for every project. Why not? It’s something I think about every day. Despite how difficult, even terrible, life is sometimes, how magnificent it is. I like to remind myself, and these songs are sending that idea out into the world.

“It’s a beautiful world, don’t forget”

It’s what I’ve always written music for. To remind myself there’s more to life than the troubling thoughts that tend to control everything if I don’t work at overcoming them. The songs contain the power of that intention, I hope.

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  1. PE says:

    There is a real sense of peace to all your new songs. The way you sing “we shine” .. it’s like of course we shine. “Beautiful” is beautiful as well. I see a light on everything. Thanks for writing.

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