Soon the Snow …

I can feel winter coming tonight, although the weather’s been pretty mild so far. Except for a brief hail storm a week or so ago, it’s been warm enough to go around in just a jacket. Yesterday people were sitting on the beach in Bridgehampton. But today it was dark at 5:00, and the temperature has dropped. I fear winter. Not the first couple of months so much as the last couple.

I was in New York earlier today. Worked with Paul this morning on a new song called “Gone.” (It will be up on the download page today). Came back early because I was supposed to shoot some more footage of Hannah and her family for this film I’m working on, about her son, Bereket, adopted from Ethiopia last summer. It’s a great story. But Hannah canceled on me today, so I didn’t go. I’ve been editing the recent stuff I got of Bereket showing me his photographs.

The footage looks pretty good. D bought me this camera a few years ago, when I started making little movies using clips from my digital camera, but I never got into using it until recently. The sound quality is questionable, but hopefully it will be ok. I think it can be addressed a bit in post production. Anyway, I figure I’ll make it and then I’ll score it. It will be a short. No longer than 30 minutes.

Quiet here tonight. I’ve been spending a lot of time away again. Although, I’m still taking my yoga classes here and seeing friends, but, once again, I’m gone all weekend, and usually a day or two during the week. Also, we’ve been doing all kinds of house maintenance and repairs, which is disruptive to my routine.

At some point, I guess I’ll get back out to the studio. Soon the snow will be falling, and hopefully, I’ll be out there watching it through the windows of my studio, hands wrapped around a hot cup of tea.

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2 Responses to Soon the Snow …

  1. lcdalbeto says:

    Hi Lori, How’re you?

    I want to congratulation u for the new site. I’ve just logged in and love the new design, but I have to ask: Where’re your on videos? I love “Cleangetaway” video, and used to watch it on John Huba’s page, but I can’t find it anymore. Please, upload it.


  2. faren kaye says:

    how i would like a poultice
    a cure for winter solstice
    no ice, no snow, no rain
    just summer over again

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