Snow Therapy

Listening to “Time Machine” with Paul’s new electric guitar part. We’ll edit it on Wednesday. Maybe add another guitar. I love what the electric adds. The way the first chord comes in.

This is the song I wrote while trying to write the mambo. I feel I  need to see DW’s new film to get a handle on that one.

Got home last night after spending the weekend with my family. My life is a chain of travel on public transportation. The bus, the train, the train, the bus. Last night I got into Penn Station and, instead of taking the subway to the Jitney, decided to walk to clear my head. The cold air felt good. I love walking in NYC and it was a beautiful night, lit up and almost clean in the darkness. It wasn’t so cold and I was dressed for it anyway. Then the snow starting falling.

What is that complicated feeling that strikes mostly during times of difficulty or change? It’s like joy, deep with appreciation for life with all its disappointment and sadness. How moving it is to walk in a world full of falling snow, blowing down from the sky, accumulating on your coat and hat. It’s like God reaching through all the humdrum-ness, the scared-ness, the alone-ness to send hope. To demonstrate the miraculous.

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2 Responses to Snow Therapy

  1. Michael Dorfman says:

    Perhaps it is wabi sabi?

  2. PE says:

    “Time Machine” builds wonderfully.

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