Doe and The Mambo

The house feels so full now with the addition of Doe, a chihuahua mix puppy with the most soulful brown eyes. She’s the perfect size because I’ll be able to bring her on the Jitney, but she isn’t tiny. She’s dog enough to get your arms around. She wants constant attention and when she doesn’t get it,  chews on the furniture, grabs hold of the leg of a dining room chair and drags it into the living room. The cats are adjusting well. I think it shakes up their world in a good way, alleviates boredom.

This morning, I’m listening to NPR. The sun is shining in the windows. The cats are resting on the counter tops, and Doe is chewing and leaping and moving from toy to toy. She is a depression buster. A bundle of happy, feisty puppiness, a remedy for this mostly bleak, cold winter.

Work is the other remedy and I’ve had a great time writing and recording the mambo, which is called “I See You.” It came out better than I’d hoped. DW had given me a lot of imput and I really took my time digesting his comments, but once I finally sat down to do it, all the preparation paid off and it came together in a few days. I actually used the method I teach in my songwriting workshops to generate the lyric. I don’t know why I’m always surprised the method actually works. Paul put some dirty guitar on it and I can’t stop listening to it. So now, they’ll edit the film. We’ll see how it works against picture and make adjustments accordingly.

I’ve kept the heat on all weekend in the studio, but haven’t made it out there since Friday and today I’ve got stuff to do, and my class tonight (I’m teaching another workshop, a small local group) to prepare for. But tomorrow, I’m going to start something new. I wrote “I See You” on the guitar which was a change because all the new songs have been written on piano.

I’m meeting Erik on Wednesday to talk about releasing all the new songs. I guess I have to put them all together and call it something and get a bar code or something. Anyway, I’m not sure but he’s going to help me figure it out. Not sure what to do with Doe when I’m in town. I’m looking into some doggie daycare places for when I have to leave her for a couple of hours but I hate to leave her so soon. She’s been abandoned a couple of times and I want her to feel secure before I start leaving her with strangers. Maybe I can get Paul to take her for a walk while I meet with Erik.

Anyway, today, it’s errands, cleaning, and preparing for my class. One day at a time as we like to say..

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  1. PE says:

    Being able to hear your new songs as you write them almost makes me feel like I’m part of a workshop. I’m still listening to “Time Machine”.. from the opening image (question?) it builds so beautifully and powerfully. I believe the best songs you’ve ever written you are writing now.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you so much –


  3. PE says:

    Somebody had to say it. :)

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