Only Love is Real

I left the car parked behind Love Lane yesterday. Plan to leave it there until there’s a thaw. Just before, I had a heart attack as the car refused to stop on the ice. Had to turn the wheel to the left to keep from going through a red light on the North Road. Not that there was any traffic. Still it was scary.

I don’t know why I start with this when I had an absolutely lovely day yesterday, my birthday.

It was the biggest blizzard we’ve had all winter, and the snow was falling dramatically. I took Doe out back, making a path with my big boots. She followed behind, happily stopping to dig her nose in the snow, chew any twigs that poked through. She had me laughing by 6 a.m.

I heard from so many friends yesterday. Was serenaded by many “Happy Birthday” renditions. My favorite had to be Brayden’s. His sweet high voice singing, “Happy birthday, Aunt Lori.” Patrick Clifford and Steven Barber called from Austin, Texas (!). I pictured them wandering out of a bar together. Somehow Steven remembered my birthday and Patrick had my number in his cell phone. Funny, and really great. Spoke to Kim, of course, and Paul sent me a present of software, to make comics. I had many wonderful wishes from friends on Facebook, notes from my nephews, flowers from D, carrot muffins from Meryl. All of this was meaningful and fun, and made my day. As Rosemary, my yoga teacher, says in every class. “Only love is real, the rest is a mirage.”

Today, the sun is shining on all the snow. I’m sitting here with my guitar and a cup of tea. Doe is chewing on my boot. I’m feeling hopeful and optimistic. There’s big change ahead.

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3 Responses to Only Love is Real

  1. shep says:

    Change is a great thing. It’s often a nice surprise.
    Yesterday a blizzard; today brilliant New Hampshire snow.
    Belated happy birthday from a fan. -Shep

  2. faren kaye says:

    i have learned that change(with the exception of major health issues)is how it is interpreted by the changee..

    we make moves, alter our courses…it is the ride, not the reason for, not the destination.

    the process in itself can be enriching. a goal is in sight, but i find if i keep it on the back burner, and concentrate on one thing at at time, a lot of stress peels away…even good things can cause angst…

    enjoy it all, the snow, the ice, the melting, the teeth marks on your boot from tht little puppy

  3. lcdalbeto says:

    Hi Lori! I was reading ’bout your birthday and just realized how funny is think that someone who is so present in my life was celebrating and I have no idea.

    Congatulations, a litlle late, but it’s from my heart!!!

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