Spring Forward

It felt like spring today. The first day of it. Doe wanted to graze more than walk. She wanted to smell and then eat everything. I walked her all over town, then went out to the studio. Opened the door and set up a fenced in area for her right outside.  I turned my gear on and started to play. I played along with some older recordings. My string sounds are so good on the new keyboard. I played string parts on the old songs. I was thinking about how great the strings will sound on the right film project. After awhile, I was just playing the strings. Did that for some time. Then I switched back to one of the really good grand piano sounds and played some new songs. It felt good to play and sing.

The air smelled fresh and earthy. There was green stuff coming up everywhere. It never becomes matter of fact. Always a surprise. Spring, I mean. It seems to happen a lot, but really how many springs do we get? 100? 88? 51? Not very many. I walked around the garden and noticed the buds, lush and ready to burst, on the cherry trees. The hydrangea, too. Doe smelled something beneath the ground and drove her nose into the dirt. It made me laugh. This is her first spring. She’s just 10 months.

The cats were in the cathouse. Once a day, I’ve been taking Bailey out on a leash. He’s been pretty good. I’ve got Doe on one leash, and Bailey on the other, one in each hand. They walk each other and I follow along. But Bailey doesn’t get it that he has to come back inside after. He lies down and refuses to go any further. He rolls on his back and bites the leash.

Mostly they’re in the cathouse. Bailey, Target and Sally. They yowl at me to go free when I pass by. But really, I don’t feel sorry for them, noses lifted to the breeze. They sleep in the sun.

Soon, we’ll all be living in Harlem in a loft with big windows. It will be a rude awakening kitties, but we’ll all adjust and you’ll be able to sit in the windows and look out at the world. I’ll build you cat ladders, and other things to climb.  I’ll have the subway, the parks, old friends and memories, all the neighborhoods I’ve loved. And this new one to learn.

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  1. alison says:

    You three will be quite a sight on the sidewalks of Harlem, the lady who walks the cat and dog together! Big windows and cat ladders, it sounds like heaven to me.

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