Be Grateful

I’ve got to watch my expectations. On one hand, I know I am a beginner and lucky to have the chance to publish a book at all. On the other, I want to be recognized for my hard work and talent. Ego, again. It will happen the way it will happen. I’ve always known it wouldn’t change my life. It’s taught me how to be a writer. Why can’t that be enough? Greedy ego, be grateful!

I must not complain about the way the experience is different than my wildest dreams for it. My wildest dreams are out of line. They aren’t consistent with reality. Wild dreams for the sake of wild dreams are fine, but I already know what makes me happy. Look around. It’s more than enough.

Is it only anxiety looking for a place to land? It’s frightening to release it into the world. Of course it is. So I pick on some minutiae that doesn’t matter. Let it go. It will connect with some and that will be thrilling. It will be more than enough.

Stop wanting. You know better. Appreciate instead. Be grateful instead. Work harder instead.

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