It’s All About the Girl

Doe’s illness determines my days. Some days she’s feeling well enough to go to the dog run. I’ve started taking her to the one on 81 street by the Museum of Natural History. (She’s gotten sick a lot after leaving the dog run in Morningside Park, so I’m afraid to take her there). Some days she wakes up sick to her stomach and I try to do everything I can to make her feel better. She’s on a new antibiotic and I’ve ordered a special food for dogs with chronic pancreatitis.

Aside from caring for her, I’m making an effort to look for work, to write, to prepare for the workshop, to think about what else I can do work-wise. It gets harder and harder to make it financially. My house in Mattituck, which is for sale, has hardly been shown so far this summer. The market is just dead (other than the foreclosures and firesales). In the fall, I’ll rent the house if I can and try to wait things out.

It all sounds so bleak, doesn’t it? But in actuality, having difficulty doesn’t prevent me from finding pleasure in the dailiness of life. I love being back in New York. I’ve been running with Paul in the park, and cycling too on the weekends, having dinner at great restaurants with good friends. I love the people-watching, looking at the buildings, the trees, the shops, the streets. I love the activity. It’s all such a contrast to my ten years on the North Fork. The change is invigorating and fun.

You’d never know the cats were country cats. They’re fat and happy. They sit in the big windows and look out at all the action. Maybe they look at all the cats living on the street and know how lucky they are to have food and shelter, not to mention love. Maybe they’re just stunned that the world has gotten so big.

Ok.. I better wrap this up and get to work.

Still a couple of spots left for my songwriting friends who are tempted to take the workshop..  Please send an email if you’d like to attend.

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  1. faren kaye says:

    i am sorry to hear of your woes. it does sometimes seem that troubles have a habit of coming into our lives in bunches. i hope little doe heals quickly and is back to her regular doggie self. as far as financial woes. i have known these for far too long and they do have a way of throwing nasty buckets of cold water on the rest of life. but it is health, however trite and corny this sounds, that matters most. you are happy where you live, healthy, taking charge…that is all anyone can do…it is okay to take a step back, as long as it is both preceded and followed by two steps forward.

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