They reach across the bridle path, creating a canopy, and dramatic shadows. There is something else in bloom, too. I’m not sure what it is, but the air smells sweet as we walk on the path, under those heavy pink, scentless, blossoms. When the wind blows, however slightly, we are showered by their delicate petals. They are lush, almost vulgar. Nature is over the top.

Doe is more interested in the dirt, in the grass, rolling in something foul. She is capable of noticing a jar of dog biscuits, inside a shop, as we pass on Madison, but she doesn’t seem to notice the cherry blossoms. She prefers the smell of another dog’s piss, morning breath, a dead bird. Beauty is in the eye (or nose) of the beholder.

Spring in New York City is magnificent. The Central Park Conservancy is a privately run organization. They have transformed the park into a fairy land. It’s breathtaking. Winding paths over rolling green hills. Fields of tulips, banks of daffodils, every variety of tree and shrub. Red-breasted robins, starlings with iridescent feathers, small brown sparrows, silvery, brown-eyed squirrels.

This morning, I sit at my table and write with a view of a tall maple tree, five stories high, now burst into trembling bright green leaves and shadows. A helicopter in the clear blue sky. I’ll work until noon, then take Doe to the park.

Saw two movies this weekend, both good: Disconnect, and What Maisie Knew. The director surprised us after What Maisie knew with a Q & A. I do love that although I never ask questions. I need time to digest a little. If I had asked a question, it would have been something pointless like: what do you imagine happens to the little girl (Maisie) after the movie ends?

Reading Life after Life by Kate Atkinson. It’s massive but I’ve been carrying it everywhere because I’m really into it. I lug it onto the subway and the bus, and hold it over my head to read before falling asleep. It’s pretty brilliant. The protagonist, Ursula, dies over and over again, but in the next chapter she’s alive, reliving the same events in a new way with a different outcome. Very clever.

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